Animal Protection


Pets and animals are an important part of our lives and our families. We must work to ensure they are taken care of and protected, and that those who hurt them are held accountable. In 2018, the General Assembly took several steps to protect animals by passing HB 1662 (regulating retail pet stores), SB 675 (The Humane Adoption of Companion Animals in Research Act of 2018), and SB 1038 (Animal Cruelty – Sentencing Conditions). 

In 2019, the General Assembly passed HB 135, which authorizes a court to order a defendant convicted of a charge of animal cruelty to participate in and pay for psychological counseling and to pay, all reasonable costs incurred in removing, housing, treating, or euthanizing an animal confiscated from the defendant.

We Need To:

* Require that those who are convicted of animal cruelty are prevented from owning, possessing or residing with an animal (right now it is discretionary).

* Enact reporting requirements for research laboratories that use animals.

* Ensure farm animals are treated humanely and address cruel practices by animal agribusinesses.