Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Time and time again, rights that people take for granted are whittled away. People attempt to stifle speech they don't like, religions that aren't their own, or the press that puts out a viewpoint with which they don't agree. These are fundamental rights we have as Americans that must be protected for everyone.

I fought against - and helped defeat - bills that would have criminalized freedom of association, that sought to restrict freedom of religion, and that would have infringed on students' rights to be free from proselytizing at public schools.

I have worked to protect Marylanders from discrimination by working to pass Marriage Equality, fighting to include gender identity in our anti-discrimination laws, and working against unjust criminal laws that had either the intent or the effect of criminalizing black and brown Marylanders.

I also worked to protect Marylanders from government surveillance. I brought Republicans and Democrats together behind bills that ensured Marylanders are not tracked by law enforcement via their phones, that law enforcement must get warrants prior to reading our emails, and that there are restrictions on access to the data that Automatic License Plate Readers collect.   

As your Delegate I will continue to stand up for your civil rights and civil liberties.

We need to:

* Be vigilant about the progress we have made and continue to press forward.

* Ensure all eligible voters are able to vote through initiatives such as universal voter registration and same-day registration.

* Work towards saner drug-policy laws. I believe that Maryland should move to a regulated system for adult use of cannabis. 

* Reform our pretrial system so that people are not held in jail unnecessarily and the services are in place to ensure people attend their trial and if eligible for diversion, successfully complete community service or substance abuse programs.