Reproductive Rights

Anyone who says that reproductive freedom is not under attack is either woefully uninformed or kidding themselves (or you).  In 2016 alone, 26 states enacted 56 anti-choice measures.

I have fought for reproductive freedom my whole life.  I stuffed envelopes for Planned Parenthood with my mom as a young child.  In High School I helped my mom with her PAC to elect pro-choice candidates.  In college I volunteered with Princeton Pro-Choice to expose fake clinics.  In law school I volunteered as a clinic escort.  As a young lawyer I represented women and clinics against anti-choice extremists who sought to prevent women from accessing reproductive care through threats and violence, even enduring threats myself.

During the time when doctors were being murdered and clinics bombed, I trained federal, state and local law enforcement around the country on the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act.  As General Counsel and Legal Director of NARAL Pro-Choice America I fought against state and federal bills seeking to take away a women's right to choose.

As Policy Director of the ACLU of Maryland, I fought against bills that would roll back Maryland women's reproductive freedoms.

Each year in Maryland anti-choice legislators and activists try to push their agenda.  As a Delegate, I will continue my lifelong fight to prevent them from eroding our rights.

Protecting our Public Schools

As a product of public schools and a parent in the public school system, I am a firm believer in public schools.  Not only are they a place for children to be educated and to grow, but they are the center of a community. 

When I was the Policy Director of the ACLU of Maryland, I helped fight public funding of private schools.  For years we prevailed, but in 2016 Maryland budgeted $5 million for a voucher program for children to attend private and religious schools.  While many of these schools do good work, they are not held to the same standards as public schools.  Unlike public schools, they do not have to take all children.  Unlike public schools, they can discriminate.  Unlike public schools, there is no accountability to the state for achievement or progress of the students.  Funding these schools diverts money that is needed in our public schools.

As your Delegate I will continue to advocate for our public schools, to ensure they have the resources and support they need.

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Time and time again, rights that people take for granted are whittled away.  People attempt to stifle speech they don't like; religions that aren't their own; or the press that puts out a viewpoint with which they don't agree.  These are fundamental rights we have as Americans that must be protected for everyone.

I fought against - and helped defeat - bills that would have criminalized freedom of association, that sought to restrict freedom of religion, and that would have infringed on students' rights to be free from proselytizing at public schools.

I have worked to protect Marylanders from discrimination by working to pass Marriage Equality, fighting to include gender identity in our anti-discrimination laws, and working against unjust criminal laws that had either the intent or the effect of criminalizing black and brown Marylanders.

I also worked to protect Marylanders from government surveillance.  I brought Republicans and Democrats together behind bills that ensured Marylanders are not tracked by law enforcement via their phones, that law enforcement must get warrants prior to reading our emails, and that there are restrictions on access to the data that Automatic License Plate Readers collect.   

As your Delegate I will continue to stand up for your civil rights and civil liberties, and freedom from government surveillance.

Open & Accountable Government

Maryland has a troubling history of making it hard for the public to get access to public data. Whether it is government meetings that are held behind closed doors, or documents that are withheld from public view, this culture of secrecy has to change. 

I believe that government must be open and accountable.  That is why I fought for sunshine laws in Maryland, helping pass a sweeping overhaul to the state's laws about public access to information. And I have fought for citizens' access to body-worn camera footage, and for bills that would ensure our Open Meeting Act is strong and enforceable.

We have a lot more work to do to ensure that all levels of government are transparent and accountable to the people. I will continue to fight for your right to know what your government is doing.

Voting Rights

Certain lawmakers - both in the federal government and in Maryland - are continually trying to restrict access to voting.  The laws make it more difficult for groups of people to vote - people already marginalized by years of restrictive voting laws, many of whom vote Democratic.  

I have fought against voter ID laws, and helped pass reforms that make it easier for all voters to access the polls, including early voting, same day registration and re-enfranchising returning citizens.

The Trump Administration's request for data on Maryland voters is an affront to our privacy as well as a threat to our voting rights.  I will fight against these tactics and continue to protect Marylander's voting rights, making sure every eligible voter is registered and has access to the polls. 

The Environment

There are so many issues that affect Maryland’s environment, including the harmful effects of climate change, the over-use of antibiotics in agriculture, and the health of our precious waterways.   

Maryland has made significant progress in reducing global warming pollution.  But we can do much more.  We need to transform how we produce and consume energy.  I will support and expand programs that promote the use of clean energy sources like wind and solar, while also supporting programs that use energy more efficiently.

The Chesapeake Bay is one of Maryland’s most precious natural resources. I will fight for smart policies that protect and restore this incredible gem. From the protection of oyster sanctuaries to targeting harmful human-made products that pollute our waterways to ensuring that federal programs like the Clean Water Act are fully funded, I am committed to ensuring the health of our water.    

As your Delegate, I will fight to make sure we protect and expand protections to the air we breathe, the water we drink, our families' health, and the places we love.