Reproductive Rights

I have fought for reproductive freedom my whole life. I stuffed envelopes for Planned Parenthood with my mom as a young child. In High School I helped my mom with her PAC to elect pro-choice candidates. In college I volunteered with Princeton Pro-Choice to expose fake clinics. In law school I volunteered as a clinic escort. As a young lawyer I represented women and clinics against anti-choice extremists who sought to prevent women from accessing reproductive care through threats and violence, even enduring threats myself.

During the time when doctors were being murdered and clinics bombed, I worked with members of the Clinton Justice Department to train federal, state and local law enforcement around the country on the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act. As General Counsel and Legal Director of NARAL Pro-Choice America I fought against state and federal bills seeking to take away a woman's right to choose. As Policy Director of the ACLU of Maryland, I fought against bills that would roll back Maryland women's reproductive freedoms.

Each year in Maryland anti-choice legislators and activists try to push their agenda. As a Delegate, I will continue my lifelong fight to prevent them from eroding our rights.

We need to:

* Ensure that our doctors and women are safe to provide and access abortion care.

* Educate women about the false or misleading information given out by anti-choice activists.

* Make sure that all forms of birth control are accessible, affordable and available.