The Environment


There are so many issues that affect Maryland’s environment, including the harmful effects of climate change, the over-use of antibiotics in agriculture, and the health of our precious waterways.   

Maryland has made significant progress in reducing global warming pollution.  But we can do much more.  We need to transform how we produce and consume energy.  I will support and expand programs that promote the use of clean energy sources like wind and solar, while also supporting programs that use energy more efficiently.

The Chesapeake Bay is one of Maryland’s most precious natural resources. And it is of significant importance to District 16, as the Potomac River is a major tributary of the Bay and supplies much of our drinking water. From the protection of oyster sanctuaries to targeting harmful human-made products that pollute our waterways to ensuring that federal programs like the Clean Water Act are fully funded, I am committed to ensuring the health of our water.    

I serve on the Environment and Transportation Committee. Every day we work to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, our families' health, and the places we love.  

This year we:

* Increased our Reliance on Renewable Energy. The General Assembly passed the Clean Energy Jobs Act, increasing the amount of energy we get from renewable sources. I was a proud co-sponsor of this bill.  

* Banned styrofoam. I co-sponsored the first-in-the-nation bill to ban styrofoam.

* Made strides on protecting our forests.  We passed two bills relating to our forests. Unfortunately, my bill regarding our "No Net Loss of Forest" policy did not pass this year.

* Strengthened our law against the overuse of antibiotics. I sponsored a bill to tighten restriction on the overuse of antibiotics and provide for the reporting of the use.

We Need to:

* Promote Environmental Justice. We must ensure that our most vulnerable communities are not being forced to bear the brunt of dirty energy and food deserts.

* Clean our water. I support regional programs that promote clean water; monitoring pesticide impacts; and guarding against over-development.

Environmental Ratings


Environmental Organization Endorsements


"With our current President supporting rollbacks of clean water and air regulations, and denying climate change, it is important for Maryland’s legislature to stand strong for these protections.  We appreciate your support more than ever....We need you in the legislature!"

- Sierra Club, Maryland Chapter


 Maryland League of Conservation Voters is a leading legislative watchdog in Annapolis that uses political action and education to protect our air, land and water. As a state-wide, nonpartisan organization, Maryland LCV endorses and elects pro-conservation candidates.